Account Access

Access your account nationwide at over 3,300 Shared Branches. If you’re traveling; or away from a New Horizons Credit Union branch rely on Shared Branching.

Shared Branching
It’s Me 24/7

Alliance One Network Of ATM’s

Access your account surcharge free (8 free transactions per month) from any Alliance One Network of ATM’s.

To find an ATM location visit:

Shared Branching

Free Shared Branching

Access your account nationwide at over 3,300 Shared Branches. If you’re traveling; or away from a New Horizons Credit Union branch rely on Shared Branching. It’s an alliance between credit unions to service each other’s members. The Shared Branching network allows members to use branches of other credit unions to transact their business. Visit and enter the zip code where you need a branch. Click Now & Visit ”Shared Branching”.


CUTalk:  Free Telephone Teller

Free Telephone Banking: Access accounts using any touch-tone phone. Get current information, transfer funds, request checks and more. 1-800-243-8120

Main Menu Options:

1 Account inquiries, including balances and a list of recent transactions.

2 Verify the date and amount of your transactions. Including deposits, withdraws, transfers and payments.

3 Account inquires, including balances and a list of recent transactions.

4 Change your PIN number.

5 Change to a different member account.

6 Other credit union service. Press the appropriate keypad number below:

1 Stop Payment On A Check

4 Request A Loan Application (mailed)

5 Request A Loan Officer Call You

6 CU Locations & Hours Guide

8 Repeat this menu.

9 End the call.

0 Hear a tutorial.

Helpful Hints:

When entering dollar amounts, decimals are not required. Example $25.00 is 2500.

Entering a PIN number incorrectly 3 times will disable the system. You must contact the credit union to unlock and regain access. If maintenance is being performed on the system; please try calling again at a later time.

It’s Me 24/7

It’s Me 24/7: Free Online Banking

With It’s Me 24/7 Online Banking you can keep in touch with your New Horizons Credit Union accounts anytime, from any place life takes you! Stay connected around the clock…24/7. It’s Me 24/7 Online Banking has built-in security and personalization features that assure members of safe, secure, and worry free banking.

What You Need To Use It’s Me 24/7 Online Banking:

Connection to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Internet browser software, such as the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox. The browser must use a minimum of 128-bit encryption. To check the encryption level from the “Help” menu, choose About…and look for a cipher strength of 128-bit strength. The browser must have JavaScript enabled and the privacy settings must allow session cookies.

First time users; simply use the last four digits of your social security number to log in. Click Now & Go to It’s Me 24/7.

It’s Me 24/7: Free Mobile Web Banking

Stay connected to always know your account balances using your smart phone; it’s the quickest, most up to the minute way to access your accounts. It’s a free service from New Horizons Credit Union. Access your banking information in the palm of your hand, anywhere anytime! For added security, remember to use the “Logout” button when using Mobile Banking. On iPhone or Android devices, the “Logout” button is on the Home/Options screen. It can easily be found by hitting the “Home” button in the upper right corner at anytime. Sign up today.  Click Now & Go To It’s Me 24/7.

checking deposit Cincinnati, OH

Direct Deposit

Choose Direct Deposit and your funds are automatically deposited in your account. It’s simple, fast, safe, secure and always on time! Simply complete a direct deposit form and turn it into your employer’s “Human Resources Department” to get started.