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Certificate Rates

Looking for that higher yield.  Here are our Certificate rates that will help you earn more while achieving your financial success!

Certificate Rates

Effective Sunday, September 1, 2019

Certificate TermAPYMinimum Deposit
3 Month Certificate0.500%$500
6 Month Certificate1.010%$500
1 year Certificate1.260%$500
2 Year Certificate1.510%$500
3 Year Certificate1.760%$500
5 Year Certificate2.020%$500
1 Year IRA CD1.260%$500
2 Year IRA CD1.510%$500
3 Year IRA CD1.760%$500
5 Year IRA CD2.020%$500
3 Month IRA CD0.500%$500
6 Month IRA CD1.010%$500

Penalty for early withdrawal on 3 month CD is all interest earned. Rates are subject to change.