This year, I am going to exercise more, lose weight, eat healthy, learn a new skill or hobby, take more time for myself or be a better person. How many different New Year’s Resolutions are made every year and how many of us actually stick to those resolutions? It is so easy to make resolutions, but it is so hard to stick with them. Why? According to Shape Magazine, some reasons are time management, lack of a plan, having unrealistic expectations and not believing in ourselves. This year is going to be different! Why? This is the year we are going to save money. I know, I know, I hear all the excuses and I have many myself. I live paycheck to paycheck, I want that new phone, I need that new couch, I need that new iPad, I want, and I need and so on. $5.00 a week is all it takes. It seems small, but it is one day you pack a lunch instead of eating out. Put it into your New Horizons Special Savings Account. It is not easily accessible. Out of sight, out of mind. You will see $5.00 a week adds up over time. Maybe you can add more than that, but before you know it, by 2019, you have saved money and have a Savings Account. This is a New Year’s Resolution I know we all can keep. Call or Text New Horizons today at 513-562-6600 today to open that Special Savings Account and let us start savings $5.00 a week now. Let us all take that first step together.